LA동부장로교회 공지 LA Eastern Presbyterian Church Announcement
(July 2, 2020 Afternoon, Pastor Jung Oh Kim)

Dear each and every beloved member of Eastern Presbyterian Church,

I greet you in the name of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, and the almighty and living Yahweh God. 

All week long, the number of COVID-19 cases have been recording new highs each day. Just today, July 2nd, there have been a total of 52,788 confirmed cases in the US. Cases in California and the city of our residence, LA are surging especially. 

By God’s grace, we had few critical incidents from the pandemic among Eastern Presbyterian Church members so far. I am earnestly praying daily that God continues to protect us. However, I believe there is still a long and hard way to go. Consequently, I would like to make the following recommendations and requests. 

1.    Please make every effort to take precautionary measures with the level of alertness you had when the pandemic first broke out.
Please wear a face mask at all times when leaving the house or coming to church, and maintain social distancing. Please constantly wash your hands and sanitize items and places that are highly vulnerable to infection.

2.    Please keep yourself and others from being exposed to dangerous circumstances by refraining from various meetings, visiting others, eating together, and socializing with others.

3.    As the restrictions are partially lifted as of now, you are welcome to come to the sanctuary to worship for weekday early morning services and the Lord’s Day services if you are healthy and desire to do so. 
It would be a great help for you to notify the church leaders about your attendance in advance so that the church can prepare according to the protocols.

4.    For those who are worshiping God online, please partake in the blessings by attending the livestream service if possible. I pray that you worship the Lord wholeheartedly in spirit and truth even if you worship God through the pre-recorded service.

5.    If there are any of our EPC members who are facing difficulties personally, in the family, financially, spiritually, or in any way, please communicate with the church.

Eastern Presbyterian Church is working hard to sincerely pray, gather wisdom, and share love as the Holy Spirit leads and convicts us.. 
6.    Even during such circumstances, we plan to offer the second half of 2020 to the Lord by actively and creatively devoting ourselves to the work of God as a church.

We will encourage our members to grow spiritually and serve God by implementing all wisdom and methods, through ministries such as online special prayer meetings, online Bible study and discipleship, online small groups and community, physical fellowship through non-contact sports such as badminton, drive-thru events, online visitations, etc. In addition, we will make every effort to restore our church ministries for each church department as we follow through the COVID-19 pandemic protocols strictly. 

I pray that your faith and passion are not weakened, and that you come to the Lord more earnestly by staying alert and diligent.Times of trials are also times of blessing. I earnestly pray that time times of trial from COVID-19 would be a time of blessing to Eastern Presbyterian Church as the kingdom of God is built more mightily.

I love you all very, very much.